You will have 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day on any number of subjects from:

  • What you’ll wear today
  •   Making sure the kids are fed
  • that big meeting you have at work
  • How other people took what you said in that meeting
  • What you want for lunch versus what you should have for lunch
  • How you’ll make that idea in your head work, or even if that idea would ever work
  • You may even spend some time thinking about what the future holds, or what you want to do in the future. 

Each day, during those 50-70 thousand thoughts, you get to choose where you put your focus.  Focus is what you direct your mind, your attention and your energy to, and without it, you’ll end up going through the motions in auto-pilot.   It takes focus to achieve a goal, or to accomplish something on your to-do list.   So, think of your focus like a special power to help you achieve what you really want.  Where you choose to allocate your focus will determine what results you get in your life.   This is the power of your focus.   

The power of your focus is that when you choose to allocate your focus towards what you really want, you are putting energy towards that instead of the thousands of distractions that cry out for your attention each day.  You’ll have multiple opportunities every day to choose either, and the end result will be the life you have, and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction you get out of your life.  

So the question is, what are you focusing on today?  

Think about it.  Take an inventory of where you put your attention and focus.  Did you choose to focus on:

  • The positive or the negative?
  • The possibilities or the obstacles?
  • Taking steps towards what you really want your life to look like or the daily distractions that seem necessary in the moment but do nothing to move you forward?
  • What you have or what you don’t have?
  • Learning something new, or continuing to distract yourself with entertainment (overuse of tv, social media, etc) and things that don’t add long-term value to your life
  • Personal growth, or remaining comfortable
  • How much that thing you want to do will cost, or the outcomes you’ll get out of the investment of it?

How does where you directed your attention align with what you want for your life? 

Where you put your focus is where you’ll direct your energies, and over time, those thousands of moments where you chose to allocate your focus will sum up to either you growing and moving more towards the life you want, or it won’t.  You choose.