About Us

The DreamLife Team

Finding your heart’s desire is the beginning of happiness. 

Our Story

DreamLife is built on one single concept, that everyone was born with a desire, something that you really want.  Whether that is to be the best in something, to have an impactful family or to be worth millions.  Whatever your desire is, the secret concept that many never land on is that  you can create the life you desire.   DreamLife’s programs, consultants and the DreamLife family of businesses exists to be the ecosystem and environment in which you can discover, develop and deploy that desire with others.

Dr. Martin Williams

Growing up as a little boy, Martin Williams used to wonder with this one question in his mind, “What is everyone else thinking?” “What’s on everybody’s mind?” He was constantly thinking, curious about the longings and dreams of others. So often you walk past people who don’t even notice you because you can tell they are engulfed in thought. It did not take long for Martin to realize that thought is a great power. Most of his thoughts were what could be described as dreams, imaginations and fantasies of a better life. At some point Martin accepted the fact that his curiosity  about people’s dreams was actually his life’s assignment. So for the last 30 years Martin has dedicated his life to helping people discover their dreams.

Jenna Smith 


Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Jenna learned the value of trusting her intuition, and using her unique perspective to go after her dreams no matter what “reality” looked like at a young age.  Her curiosity of systems, strategic thinking and why people do what they do led her into the corporate world where she operates as a Corporate Strategist and Consultant advising organizations on transformational change and strategy.   It was this experience and her early life success where she learned two important lessons: that most organizational and personal issues stem from how people think and secondly, that success isn’t by chance, it’s by the power of thought.  It was through these discoveries that Jenna connected to her desire to help people and organizations all over the world shape their thoughts around what they truly want so that they can manifest it into reality.  

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