DreamLife Consultants

Partner with us to help people all over the world reach their full potential

A DreamLife Consultant is the doorway to their client’s breakthrough.  

Take Charge
Over Your Life

DreamLife helps you to start your own business without the “startup” factor.   DreamLife has created the programs, tools and processes to help you help your clients reach their full potential without having to go through all the work of creating programs and processes before you can see success.

Whether you are a seasoned coach who needs a program to help your clients transform or you’ve just decided that you want to dedicate your life to helping others realize your dreams, DreamLife has the processes and programs targeted to helping you achieve your goals.

Aren’t the sales-y type?  This is a no-pressure type of company.  You decide the pace in which you’ll sell DreamLife programs, and we will continue to find new ways to support you everyday.   Whether you’ve sold anything in your life or this is your first time bridging out into the entreprenurial landscape, it doesn’t matter because through the Consultant training program, we’ll teach you the tenants of sales and set you up for success as the owner of your own business.

Experience the Freedom of Owning Your Future

Imagine getting up in the morning fulfilled and energized, ready to start the day helping others realize their dreams.  What would your ideal day look like if you could work for yourself?    Would you set your own hours?  Maybe you’d work remotely from your favorite beach.  

DreamLife Consultants are fully empowered to work from anywhere, set their own goals, and define success for themselves, and they get to do all of that while helping others tap into their own personal power.   

What does a Consultant do?

Calls The Shots

You own your future, and your own business.  We feel very passionately that every person should be the master of their own destiny, which is why we’ve set up DreamLife so that people can create the life they want, instead of having to work for someone else.  You call the shots, you make the plays, DreamLife just gives you the materials to run with the ball.   

Facilitates Life Change

You don’t have to be the worlds foremost expert in thinking or personal development to help people. We’ve got the teaching, tools and exercises that can help the people you want to do that.  You just need the passion and drive to help those who want to make a change in their life and realize their dreams. 

Consultants simply become the facilitator of the program, helping to keep clients on track, and answer their questions as they go along.  

Learns through Leading

One of the greatest discoveries of leaders is that while they lead others, they learn so much about themselves.   We give you access to all of our programs so that you can begin to transform your life in the process of transforming others.  In addition to program access, we’ll have specialized training sessions, webinars and other events dedicated specifically to helping you grow.  

Certified DreamLife Consultants Get…

What We’ll Train You on

  • Desired Results  – we’ll lead you through it & teach you how to lead others through it
  • How to identify potential clients & sell without selling  
  • The mindsets needed for small-business success
  • Personal leadership principles to help you grow 

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