Desired Results

The guide to getting exactly what you want

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

The Program

Desired Results is a life-change program
designed to help you:


Identify what you really want


Learn how to think and identify old mindsets that are holding you back from your dreams


Connect your thinking to your desire to align your life, goals, and desires


Shape your life around what you want


Figure out what exactly what you want

You were born to live the life you desire.  This program will teach you how to find that desire and make it clear as day, whether that’s a desire for wealth, health, legacy or life satisfaction.  

Connect with a person that will help take you there.

Each program participant is assigned a Certified DreamLife Consultant who has proven success in getting what they desire and leading others through the process too.   This consultant is there to lead you through the process of Desired Results and help you focus on a goal or mission during the program.  

Learn to lead from your dreams

Shape your life around what you want, not just what is handed to you.    You can choose to create the family, business, relationships, wealth and satisfaction you want from your life.   It’s all in how you think.   We teach you how to lead from your dreams instead of “reality”, so that you can say yes to your desires.  

Build a life and a business around what you love

Learn the fundamental and universal principles to success in business, family and life.    This program will teach you the principles and give you the tools  to  create the life and business you desire. 

Helping You Find Success With Desired Results

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

We’re not suprised.  Most people focus on a goal and hustling until you’ve made the goal happen.   But if you never change your mind, you can never truly attract what it is that you desire.  Desired Results teaches you how to get the life you want and it ushers you through the process of changing your mind to transform your life.   

What Is Desired Results?

A 6-Month Program

Desired Results will systematically take you through the process needed to transform your mind so that you can have whatever it is that you really want. 

Led by a guide

You’ll have a certified DreamLife Consultant who will help you get started and keep touch with you throughout the program to help you navigate the materials and make sense of your transformation process.

With Videos

You’ll learn from two Master Thinkers and Dreamers, Dr. Martin Williams and Jenna Smith who will teach you the fundamental principles in engaging and thought-provoking ways through your personal DreamLife online portal.   

And a Workbook

Your workbook will have thought-provoking questions, exercises and tools to help you shape your mind, identify what is holding you back and transform your life until it looks like what you desire.   In this workbook you’ll get additional teaching and tools that you can use for whatever change you’d like to make in your life – even after the program has concluded!

How Do I know If Desired Results is Right For Me?

Desired Results is for anyone who wants to make a change in their life.   You are the master of your own destiny, so now is the perfect time to begin shaping your life into the life you desire.  

Who is Desired Results for?

Desired Results is for anyone who truly wants to change their life.   You will never be too old or too young, too early or too late to claim your DreamLife!   Take matters into your own hands today and begin the transformational journey of creating the life you have dreamed of.  

What will I learn?

You will learn how to transform one of the most powerful parts of you, your mind.  Transforming your mind is the only way to truly see lasting change in your life, because your beliefs and thoughts shape your actions and your actions will shape your results.   Participants of Desired Results learn how to harness the power of their mind to discover and shape the life they want.  

In addition, you’ll get the tools to know how to recognize destructive beliefs that hold your desire back from you, how to plan with your desire in mind and much more!  

How is this different from other leadership programs?

Leadership and goal setting programs are focused on the idea that you set a goal and make it happen until it happens.  Thisis focused on changing your mind, which is the root of everything that you experience in life.   By changing your mind, and focusing on what you truly want and why you want it, Desired Results helps usher your mind into attracting what you truly desire.   This could be a goal, or a more holistic understanding of the dream life you have today, but either way it’s about identifying and connecting to the burning desire within you. 

How much time will I spend in the program?

Program participants can expect to invest about 2-4 hours per week on Desired Results.  Some of this is active time watching the videos (20-30 mins each), some will be in reflection doing homework, and some of the time you will simply review the materials.   

The average person watches about 5-6 hours of TV per week.  So if this feels like a lot to you, consider looking at how you spend your time today.   We believe that the time spent focusing on your desire is the best time of your day, because it is the part of your day that is dedicated to the true and authentic part of you.   Spending time on you is an investment and gift to yourself, and it’s one you will not regret.  

What will I gain from Desired Results?

Desired Results was built to help people take back their lives and express the truest parts of who they really are.   This program will help give you the tools, mindsets and behaviors to manifest the life you desire.   In doing this, participants have found that they gain personal power, freedom and the ability to shape the environment around them instead of being affected by their surroundings and the opinions of others.  

Desired Results is whatever you make it to be.  If you set a goal to build your wealth through this program, you can do so.  If you want to figure out your next steps, you can do that too.  Whatever it is that you desire, you’ll gain the understanding, awareness, knowledge and tools to achieve the desires of your heart. 

How It Works

Connect with a Consultant

Our Certified Consultants will help guide you through the Desired Results process.   If you already know a DreamLife Consultant, feel free to contact them directly.  Otherwise, we will assign you to one based on your preferences. 



Get the Details

When you meet with your Consultant, you’ll be able to discuss pricing, how they will meet with you and also get their perspective on Desired Results.   Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the Consultant, you’ll pay them directly and then you’ll receive your access to the Desired Results Members portal to view your videos. 
Your workbook will also be delivered to you. 

Get Started!

You’ll begin with an on-boarding call with your Certified DreamLife Consultant where you will discuss meeting times, frequency of your appointments with them and what you can expect from them.  Then, you’ll log in to the DreamLife Members portal and begin on the Welcome videos.  

Take charge of your life today and say YES to your dream life!