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What do you really want?   Is it the life you have today or is it far from it?   The life you have today is shaped by a series of decisions all based off of how you think.     The Desired Results program is custom-tailored to help you figure out what you want- whether that’s a specific goal or to build your dream life as a whole, and then helps you change the only thing that can stand in the way, your mind, around it.  

Participants of this program  experience the exhilarating personal freedom that comes with taking their life into their own hands.   They are equipped with the tools to pursue their dreams, and understand how to experience results beyond their wildest dreams.   This is not a goal setting program, this is a  change-your-life-forever program. 

“Your mindsets shape your thoughts, your thoughts shape your actions, and your actions shape your results.  So what are you doing to change your mindsets?”

 – Desired Results

“You can truly have whatever it is that you dream about, you just need to believe that you can. “

– Desired Results


“You have no enemies, unless you let them in.  The only enemies of your dream are the ones you allow in your own mind.”

– Desired Results


About Us

DreamLife was created by Dr. Martin Williams and Jenna Smith to help people realize one universal truth, that you can have the life you desire.  DreamLife is for anyone who has a dream.  Maybe it’s a dream you gave up on a long time ago.  Maybe it’s a dream that you just don’t know how to make happen.   Maybe you want to learn how to build your dream.   DreamLife is the place in which you can do all of those for your life, your business and your family. 

DreamLife is an organization that is built to help people realize, live and achieve their dreams, whether that is through starting a business, creating an influential family or finding out what it is you truly want.   Our organization offers development programs and business opportunities around helping YOU create your dream life.  



The Power of Your Focus

Each day you have 50,000-70,000 thoughts that you can choose what you do with.  Learn how to allocate your focus to get the resutls you want.

Creating the Life You Want

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Design Your Day

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