MIND/SHIFT is a conference designed to help you understand how to get what you want by transforming how you think.   Whether you’re trying to achieve a goal,  improve your finances or scale the corporate ladder, this conference will peel back the layers of your mind to help you get the life you really want, instead of the life you have. 

Your transformation begins in








What you’ll learn

Why you have the life you have today

Your life today is predominately the result of your mindsets, the mental programming that drives your life.  In the initial sessions, you’ll get behind-the-scenes access to understanding how your mind works, how you got the life you have today and how to become aware of the mindsets that are running your life.

Identify what you want and reprogram your mind to align with it 

The key to shifting your mind is to understand what you want.  We’ll give you the atmosphere in which to identify key mindsets that are holding you back from what you really want.  Then, we’ll teach you the steps to reprogramming your mind around what you want so you get those results instead of the ones you’re getting today.

How to continually transform your life and overcome any obstacles.

You’ll leave with practical exercises, tools and abilities to continually transform your mind, your behaviors and actions so you can continue the momentum of moving forward into the life you want. In addition, we’ll teach you about The Process you will go through in transforming your mind including how to overcome any mental barrier in the way of you reaching your goal. 

This Conference is for YOU if you…

Are ready to take your life, income, relationships, health or business to the next level

Have a BIG dream, but don’t know how to reach it

Feel stuck, or that things aren’t changing in your life

Want to achieve that unachievable goal

Experience success as you start to pursue a goal or vision but then soon fall off the wagon


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Invest in transforming your life through the systematic transformation of your mindset.      

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